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Surround Care

Current Parents: Please Click on Link to Sign Up for Surround Care Weekly



Christ-St. John's Lutheran School's mission is to assist families by providing a Christ-centered education to meet the spiritual and academic needs of our children now and for eternity. The Surround Care program’s mission is to support the school’s mission. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Christ-St. John’s Surround Care program will strive to:

  • Work for the school at all times to further the school’s mission.

  • Make it easier for families to allow their children to attend Christ-St. John’s School.

  • Provide a Christ-centered environment for after-school hours.

  • Promote a God-pleasing image of Christ-St. John’s Lutheran School in an effort to encourage greater enrollment.


Surround Care is offered to students who are enrolled at Christ-St. John's Lutheran School. Enrolled students in 3K (all day) through 8th grade may utilize the Surround Care Program from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


Full details of our Surround Care Program are included in our Surround Care Handbook.

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