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Surround Care

Christ- St. John’s Lutheran School

Surround Care Policies

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Christ-St. John’s Lutheran School exists to assist parents in carrying out their responsibility to bring their children up in the Lord by providing a

Christ-centered education. The Surround Care program’s mission is to

support the school’s mission. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the

Christ-St. John’s Surround Care program will strive to:

  • Work for the school at all times to further the school’s mission.

  • Make it easier for families to allow their children to attend Christ-St. John’s School.

  • Provide a Christ-centered environment for after school hours.

  • Promote a God pleasing image of Christ-St. John’s Lutheran School in an effort to encourage greater enrollment.


The Program

The Surround Care program provides Christian childcare on a non-profit

basis for all children of the school (3K through 8th grade). Children with special needs are accepted if, in the judgment of the staff, the program is in the best interest of the child and no extra staff is required.


Surround Care Rates

The fee for the 1st child is $3.50 per hour, the 2nd child is $2.00 per hour,

and the 3rd child $2.00 per hour. There is a maximum of $ 7.50 per hour,

per family. Charges are rounded to the nearest quarter hour for each child

for the week with a minimum of one hour per child per session. Parents in the 11:00-3:00 session will be billed for four hours for the days that they have chosen regardless of the actual time spent in Surround Care or whether the child attends each of those days or not. Payment is required on the previous Thursday (of a normal school week) for the following week, along with the schedule of times needed for each child. A late fee of $5.00 per child per week will be charged if payment and schedules are not submitted on time.


Note: The first child is defined as the one enrolled in the greatest number of hours in the surround care.


1.  Staff members are to be obeyed and respected.

2.  Other children are to be respected.

3.  Calm and safe movement is practiced indoors at all times.

4.  On-task behavior is expected during game and study times.

5.  Appropriate use of language and voice levels is expected at all times.

6.  No personal electronic games, toys, or other items should be brought

into the surround care. The surround care staff is not responsible for

these personal items.

The surround care program reserves the right to discontinue services to any child for the following reasons:


1.  Non-payment or repeated late payment.

2.  Not observing the policies and procedures in this handbook.

3.  Special needs which the program cannot meet.

4.  Physical or verbal abuse of staff or children by parent or child.

5.  Continued unacceptable, disruptive, incorrigible behavior by the child.



An emergency contact must be designated on your registration form and

kept up to date. A weekly schedule of planned enrollment must be turned

in each Thursday (of a normal school week) for the following week along with the payment.  


Drop In Policy – In case of emergency drop in care, please call to see if there is availability. No child will be admitted without prior authorization.


Drop Off/Pick Up

Any person, other than the child’s parents, who arrives to pick up a child,

must be pre-authorized by the parents. In the case of emergency, notify

the staff of a pick up by an unauthorized person. No unauthorized person

will be allowed to pick up children without prior notification. Advise the

pick-up person to bring proper identification and realize that the staff is

instructed to be sure about authorization. At departure time a parent or

an authorized person must sign the child out and make sure the staff

person is aware of the child’s leaving. We encourage parents to pick up

their children promptly at the end of the day. We understand that

circumstances beyond your control may arise. However, please keep in

mind the 6:00 PM closing time. Please call as soon as you know you will be

delayed.  Late pickup fees will be assessed as follows: $ 3.50 for the first 10 minutes and $1.00 for every minute thereafter.



Lunch can be provided by the families or provided by the school cafeteria for an additional cost.  A snack after school is provided on a daily basis by the program.   No soda pop, candy or gum is allowed.


The Environment

Our Surround Care is more than “baby-sitting”. We plan activities and

control the environment so that it is wholesome. Doing homework is

encouraged, but the environment is more relaxed than school. We will

encourage students to complete their homework first and then start other

activities. We aim to provide a rich Christ-centered environment that will

help your child grow spiritually, socially, physically, and academically. We

encourage open communication between staff and parents. Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns you may have our Surround Care Director.


Hours of Operation

We are open on school days only (no holidays or snow days) from 11:00 AM to accommodate preschool and kindergarten students, and after school until 6:00 PM. The actual hours of operation may change, depending on the schedules submitted the previous week.



The Surround Care Room is located in the Resource Room located at the south end of the main hallway.


Discipline Policy

Discipline is derived from the word disciple meaning, “To teach”.

Therefore, we do not think of discipline as punishment but rather as

teaching self-control and Christian attitudes. The staff will deal with each

child in accordance with the teachings of Christ. Our attention will be

focused on the problem and not the child. No one will be allowed to strike

a child. No one will be allowed to humiliate a child. Derogatory remarks

will not be made about a child or family members. Cruel, severe, unusual,

or unnecessary punishment shall not be inflicted on children. No one will

use the denial of food, or necessary activities as a punishment or to

manipulate a child. No child or group of children shall be allowed to

discipline another child. We will try to anticipate problems and redirect

children’s activities. We will narrow choices if necessary. Positive words

will be used to encourage positive behavior. We will encourage children to

use words to express themselves. If a child is exhibiting all inappropriate

behavior, we will tell the child that they need to stop, explain why the

behavior is unacceptable and offer reasonable alternative. Logical and natural consequences as well as a time out (a temporary loss of privileges may be used as a reasonable alternative).


Further Information

For more information regarding Christ-St. John’s Lutheran School Surround Care, please contact our coordinator or the school office.




I have received and read this handbook. I understand that this book

describes important information about Christ-St. John’s Lutheran School

Surround Care and agree that I will abide by the terms spelled out



Parent Signature ________________________________Date___________


Parent Name (printed) ___________________________________________


The following persons are pre-authorized to pick up my child(ren) from

Surround Care.  I will notify the staff in advance if anyone else will pick up my child(ren).