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Scrip Program
What is SCRIP?

SCRIP refers to gift certificates or gift cards.  Christ-St. John's is able to purchase gift cards from hundreds of retailers nationwide at a discount, which you can then buy at face value.  The difference is our school's profit.  By purchasing these gift cards before you shop for your everyday items - like groceries, gas, clothes, restaurants – we raise money, without you having to spend a penny extra.  Supporting Christ-St. John's has never been easier!

Example:  You buy a Kwik Trip $100 gift card. We bought it at $95 (a 5% discount). CSJ earns $5!

Tuition Credit Desigination

If your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, neighbor, etc. is a student at CSJ they too benefit form your scrip purchase.  75% of the profit that our school receives from the sale of each card can be directly applied to any students tuition, with the remaining 25% to help cover general school needs.  If no student is designated on your form 100% of the profit will go directly to school for general needs.  i.e. Playground Equipment 

How to Participate

Simply make your selections and return your order form with a check (written to: Christ-St. John's) to the to the school secretary.
        During regular school hours:   Stop at the office to drop off your order or place your order over the phone   (608)786-1250 x100
        After hours:  Slip your order through the secretary's window, fax your order in (608)786-1105 and mail or drop off check, or drop it in the mail
*   Additional forms can be picked up at the school office, Christ Lutheran Chruch, St. John's Lutheran Church, or
     printed off our website
*   When your order is filled we will get the cards to you!  We encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful
     benefits offered by this
     on-going fundraiser. 
*   If you have questions, please contact the coordinator at (608)786-1250 x100 or

Thank you for your ongoing support of Christ-St. John's!

Scrip Order Form